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About flower preservation and the service


Our pictures are hand-made botanical keepsakes. During the pressing process all moisture is extracted from the flowers by carefully taking them apart. Once they have dried out, they are re-created into a 2D representation of the original flower.

Most popular flowers press successfully, but sometimes the colour may change slightly due to the pressing process. No two pictures are ever alike, your picture is individual to you. We can carefully re-create, as close as possible, the shape of your bouquet - this is not so easy to do in our smaller pictures, these will just be a small keepsake to remind you of your special day.

If you have the time and opportunity to contact us to discuss your requirement before your wedding, or event, that would be helpful. We have a limited pressing capacity during high season, so do try to book in advance. If you only discover us after the event, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to try to fit you in.

Before the wedding

Before the Wedding or event if you can advise your Florist you are considering having your flowers pressed and ask them to try to keep the stapling of petals to a minimum, this will help prevent any marks on the petals during the pressing process. Ideally flowers need to be delivered or posted within 3 days of the wedding or event for us to create the best results for you. If you have left it any longer please do still get in touch as we may be able to salvage some flowers from your bouquets or sprays up to a week after they were prepared. We are open at Weekends and evening for your convenience for deliveries, but please contact us first by phone or email to arrange at time.

After the wedding

After the event, avoid sprinkling the flowers with water as this will cause blemishing during the pressing process. If it is a hand-tied bouquet, un-tie the stems and place the stems loosely in water with a spoonful of sugar, this will help to keep the flowers fresh before delivery or posting. Do not put them in the freezer!

Try to arrange delivery to us ASAP. It is helpful to ask a friend or relative in advance of the wedding to do this so you donít have to worry about that after the wedding and before flying off on your honeymoon, or alternatively you can despatch them to us by post. Carefully pack them into a cardboard or plastic box, pack round with tissue paper or bubble wrap to keep movement to the minimum. Post the flowers 1st class or by Next Day delivery service.

We have a wide selection of frames to choose from such as; traditional oval, swept or shabby chic frames, as well as a lovely selection of modern, and wood frames. If we do not have a frame you like, you can supply your own, or we can try our best to source a frame through our supply chain to match your personal choice. Photographs can also be incorporated with the flowers Ė for more information about this, please enquire by email.

The final pressed flowers are organic, we therefore advise that you do not hang your completed picture in direct sun-light, close to a hot radiator or in a cold damp room in the house to avoid any discolouration with time.

To ensure the flowers are preserved to the best quality, the pressing is a slow and time consuming process. To complete your picture can take between 6 and 8 weeks and longer during high season so please be patient to allow us to ensure the best results.

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