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Heirloom terms and conditions


We endeavour to re-create your bouquet into its original when the frame shape and size is suitable. Once your flowers are pressed the picture will resemble a flattened version of the bouquet or flower display it is not a 3D picture. We can only work with the flowers you provide, we cannot be responsible for flowers that arrive in poor condition, we can only do our best to preserve what we have been provided with.

You are required to pay a Pressing Fee up-front on delivery, which is a separate payment from the cost of the picture, this is clearly stated on the price list and order fom which will be emailed to you in advance or alternatively filled out on the day of delivery. The bouquet remains our property during the pressing process, if you change your mind half-way through, you are not entitled to a refund of your pressing fee. If you would like just your flowers returning in their pressed state and no further work has been carried out on your order, we are happy to return them but we charge a release fee of £10 + Postage & Packing fee to do this.

After the flowers are pressed and the frame has been chosen you are required to pay 50% of the cost of the finished picture price. The final payment of 50% is payable on collection or before despatch of any picture by post. Postage & Packing is extra.

If you are not satisfied with your picture you must tell us at the time of your collection, photographs can be sent before despatching by post. Once you have collected or the picture has been despatched, we are no longer responsible for any grievances or damage after delivery. We will always insure pictures which are despatched by post.

If you are not happy with your picture we will endeavour to rectify if possible. If special instructions or requests were not added on the original order form you will incur further costs to change any aspect of the picture such as frame/mounts or design if that is possible.

Payment Terms

We only accept cash, BACS, or PayPal payments.

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